Helen Kroger represented Victoria in the federal Senate from 2008 to 2014.  She was elected the Chief Government Whip in the Senate upon the election of a Coalition Government in 2013, following her role as Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate.  She was the State President of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia from 2003 to 2006 and was the Federal Vice President for five years.

Her principled decisions and public advocacy on policy decisions have helped shape the national agenda.

Before entering Parliament she had a diverse and interesting professional background, establishing a successful small business, providing a first-hand experience of the challenges faced by small and medium sized enterprises.  She was the Fundraising Director for Wesley College Melbourne for six years and a Council Member at LaTrobe University.  Her time invested in the education sector reinforced her appreciation of the not for profit sector and the opportunities that volunteerism offers in “value add” to critical services.

Helen has worked in the corporate sector as the Human Resources Manager for Peat Marwick and later the merged company of KPMG.

As a Senator, she worked on numerous Senate and Joint Committees covering a breadth of policy areas including foreign affairs, defence, trade, overseas development, education, workplace relations and practices, treaties, along with the implementation of government policy by Departments and Agencies.  The Parliamentary Committee’s that she contributed to include:

  • Senate Standing Committees: Selection of Bills, Procedure, Senator’s Interests, House and the Parliamentary Education Office.
  • Senate Legislative and References Committees: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Chairman and Deputy Chairman); Education and Employment (and the former Education and Workplace Relations) and Finance and Public Administration.
  • Senate Select Committee: School Funding.
  • Joint Statutory Committee: Public Accounts and Audit.
  • Joint Standing Committees: Electoral Matters; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade; Treaties; National Capital and External Territories.

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